Accelerate Your Conversion to Modernization
What is ConVerge?
ConVerge is a powerful data conversion framework that enables you to build, test and execute data conversions in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of a typical data conversion effort. The modern and intuitive user interface is geared towards technical and non-technical people, alike. It enables you to organize even the most complicated data conversion effort into a single, repeatable process that can be executed with the click of a button.
X-ada Announces Beta Program!
ConVerge is ready to hit the streets and X-ada is making its Beta Program available to a limited number of qualified businesses.
Qualified program participants will receive the following:
  • A free one-year license subscription for ConVerge Enterprise Edition, a $49,500 value.
  • Up to 16 free hours of X-ada Consulting Services to help you find the best approach to and build your conversion/migration, a $3,600 value.
  • Free direct hands-on support with the lead developer.
Interested in participating? Click here to get more information on how to take part in this exciting event.
"IT projects can overrun a budget or schedule for any number of reasons. Nearly every data migration project is more complicated than it first appears." - Steve McDowell - March 15, 2021
With ConVerge, you can build, test and execute your data conversion with less people, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost.